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Summer is out again. Sea adventures are great trips these days. Scuba diving is one of the best ways to enjoy the bliss of the summer days. Scuba diving is an underwater diving where in a diver is equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus so that he or she can breathe underwater.

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diving where in divers count on either air-pumped from the surface or breath-hold, scuba divers can take the luxury of time staying underwater with the help of breathing gas. Driven by compressed air, the breathing gas grants divers with the freedom of movement that is not possible with other systems.

As of the equipment, they can come in open-circuit systems where in gas is released to the surroundings. However, scuba equipment can also be semi-closed or closed circuit. In these circuit systems, the breathing gas is essentially scrubbed in order to remove carbon dioxide. As such, oxygen used is refilled from system that originates from a supply. Scuba divers enjoy the luxury of movement underwater because of the fins that are attached to their feet.


Originally, closed-circuit rebreathers were designed for military purposes because of their stealth features. With this, the first commercial closed-circuit feature in scuba diving has been designed by an English diving engineer namely Henry Fleuss way back in 1878 in London. With this, the self-contained breathing apparatus that he has invented comes with a rubber mask that is connected with a breathing bag.
Later in 1910, the rebreather has been perfected by an expert. Hence, the Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus has stepped into the scene. It is the first rebreather that has been built in quantity.
From this point, more and more civilians use rebreathers for recreational purposes. This is most relevant just after the Cold War. This slowed down the anticipated risks of attacks of the Communist Bloc Forces as well as their combat divers. Because of that situation, the armed forces of the world have less reason to request for patents. As a result, it has opened the doors to the appearance of semi-automatic as well automatic rebreather that are intended for recreational purposes.


Scuba diving may be carried out due to several reasons. Whether they are for professional or personal reasons, divers are given the chance to take a closer look to the underneath of the ocean. Recreational scuba diving is solely intended for fun and enjoyment. In addition to that, recreational diving also entails unique technical aspects in order to increase the interest to underwater. This includes wreck diving, deep diving and cave diving.

Professional divers are employed to carry out their task underwater. These professional divers undergo in-depth training in order to handle any situation that may arise while they are on the deep such as entanglement as well as vertigo. Scuba divers can be full time or part time. There are various roles that are relevant in recreational diving and it includes introits, dive master, dive guides and assistants.

There are also other special areas of scuba diving and one of which is military diving. This form of underwater diving is known for its long history holding the account of military frogmen with different roles. They can carry out roles such as infiltrating behind the lines of the enemy, direct combat as well as police diving. They are also adept to search purposes such as search and recovery and search and rescue. In fact, there are also cases where in diver rescue plays a very important role in the fire department.

Finally, there are also professional scuba divers who are engaged with the underwater itself. Examples of this are underwater photography and videography. Their role is to document the world in the underwater and include the various marine bio diversity u, hydrology and geology.


Essential equipment used by underwater diver is the eponymous scuba. It is a self-contained breathing apparatus that is capable of allowing the scuba diver to breathe underwater. It is also carried by the diver on the way to the depth.

Apart from the normal atmospheric pressure, the hydrostatic pressure is also factor that divers need to include in their consideration list. In connection to this, the pressure of the breath that is inhaled should be balance with the surrounding as well as ambient pressure. What is the reason behind this? This is essential so that the lungs would be able to inflate. Keep in mind that is impossible to breathe at pressure of atmosphere with the help of a tube that is situated three feet on the deep sea.

Mostly, recreational diving entails the use of a half mask which will serve as protective covering for nose and eyes of the diver. In addition to that, a mouthpiece is also very important so that breathing is well maintained. The difficulty of inflating from the mouthpiece can become very fast, though. Another common feature is the full face mask that covers the mouth, nose and eyes of the diver. For professional scuba divers, they usually prefer full face masks.

Regardless of your purpose, scuba diving is undoubtedly a great adventure. Not only that, it will also help you expand your knowledge about the world located underwater. However, in spite of the fun and excitement that it has to offer, you have to keep in mind that there are lots of things that you have to master before you venture to this form of underwater diving. This way, you can make sure that you are adept to deal any problems while you are on the depth of the ocean.