Exercises That Suit People That Are Bound On A Wheel Chair

Aging people may sometimes go through physical conditions that make them bond to a wheelchair. The greatest fear of being in a wheelchair is that we will never engage in any physical exercise. Performing physical activities are relevant because it ensures that there is morbidity of the body. This is because of the number of overweight that is reported everyday. For people in a wheelchair there are several exercises that they can do to ensure that their bodies are healthy.

The first exercise is done by twisting the wrist and the ankles. While stuck in a wheelchair these joints are not engaged therefore they remain inactive. The exercise is performed by loosening and tightening up the fingers and forming a fist. Then twist the wrist joint in one direction until the joints loosen up. The procedure is also used when exercising the ankle; the exercise is usually done by freeing the toes and later twisting the ankle for about ten times until the joints loosen up. The other choice of work out activity is the torso; torso is the body part from the shoulders to the pelvic excluding the hands and the legs. For people in a wheelchair this part is usually dormant and has less functions. The spinal is an integral part of the body that needs to be put in place. It is done by sitting upright and twisting the torso side by side. Chest press is also an exercise that can be done by those people that are in a wheel chair.

Another exercise that is performed to people in a wheelchair is the tummy exercise. It ensures that the muscles of the stomach are strong. The exercise is usually done by twisting the torso from one side to another. Extending the arms is a work out activity that has great positive impacts to the seniors that are disabled. The exercise is done by stretching the arm as much as possible until the hand feels relaxed. another work out that seems to work for the disabled is exercising the legs while still sitting. It ensures that the legs are not always inactive. The last exercise that is also very beneficial is the shoulder exercise, it makes the shoulder bones flexible.

All the above activities are beneficial for one to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having to live without moving body parts can lead to severe conditions like hypertension because the blood vessels may block making blood tot circulate well. It can also make one feel very depressed, exercise is a remedy for depression it makes the body relax. Therefore to ensure that a senior loved one is happy it is necessary to teach them all the above exercises that they can do. It enlightens their day and makes them more relaxed.

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