Understanding Muslim Prayer Beads

One of the vital components in most religions is prayer beads. Many times, prayer beads were used in prayer and in mediation to assist in keeping the fingers of the user busy more so when stressed. The names given to prayer beads tend to differ from one religion to another, for instance, in Islamic religion, they are referred to as subha which means to glorify God. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, date pits were mainly used as prayer beads.

Here are the popular materials used in making prayer beads, these include wood, glass, gemstone, plastic, among others. On the other hand, the prayer beads are supported by a chord, which is mostly cotton, nylon or silk. Beads come in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. When searching for beads, you will find some that are pocket-friendly, while others are relatively more expensive. To ensure that you are getting the right prayer bead, you need to know your budget and choose the beads you can afford.

One of the common feature of Islamic prayer beads is that they all have 99beads. The beads represent 99names of Allah, whereby a worshipper needs to recite them when praying. However, some beads are made of 33 beads, however, serve the same role since they have to go through the beads three times to be 99. Understanding Muslim prayer beads can be hectic for those who have not been introduced to Islamic teachings. Most prayer beads tend to have a uniform color in some beads throughout a single strand.

Muslim prayer beads are used to help count prayers and to make one pay attention to the prayer. When using prayer beads to pray, a worshiper needs to touch one bead at a time while reciting word of dhiks, meaning remembrance of Allah. When Muslims are reciting when using prayer beads, and their aim is to glorify Allah. Most of the recitations are of the 99 names of Allah. Muslims tend to use the following phrases when praying, these include Subhannallah, which means Glory to Allah, Alhamdilillah which means Praise be to Allah, and Allahu Akbar, which means Allah is Great. All these phrases must be repeated 33times.

Now that you know how to use prayer beads, it is a good idea to understand how you can buy the beads. If you want to purchase prayer beads, you can find them at supermarkets and stand-alone kiosks. Custom prayer beads are also available from crafty shops. Since prayer beads come in different shapes and designs, reading the content of this post will assist you in getting the beast beads.

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