Affluent Canadian entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not so common in Canada. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you need to have strong drive and a positive attitude. See below the people who meet the qualities of successful entrepreneurs Brendon McCullough from Canada.

John Redpath. The Canadian sugar refining company was built by him. The name was later changed to John Redpath and son. He supported the Montreal General Hospital by lending a part of his fortune. He worked with the government to end white slave trade in female immigrants. Hardships were part of his life because he was born during the lowland clearances in Scotland. When he was in cubic City he did not have money with him, this made him to walk barefoot to Montreal to save his shoes from wearing out. In the early 1820 Redpath had already become a major Montreal building contractor. He Brendon McCullough used his own money to support the local industries in Montreal. He promoted country investment associations and helped Canada to come up with Capital markets through his achievements.

Ron Joyce. He is the founding father of Tim Horton’s Children Foundation and the first franchisee. Tatamagouche Nova Scotia is his place of birth. He became a police officer in his mid-50s after he had relocated to Hamilton Ontario. When Brendon McCullough Tim Horton died in a car accident Joyce bought his share of the company and expanded their small chain from 40 over 3000 stores. Having retired, Joyce now has his eyes on charity notably the Tim Hortons children’s Foundation. The kids have an opportunity to go to one of the six camps in Canada or USA because of the foundation.

Joseph Armand Bombardier He was equipped with the relevant tools needed to his talent. He learnt about the operation of complex machinery. During his free time he devoted himself to research. After producing and 7-passenger transporter, Joseph got a patent for it. He founded the Auto-Neige Bombardier in 1942. He still wanted to build the lightweight individual passenger snowmobile. He has dominated the snowmobile market over the years.

John Molson. We should all be grateful John Brendon McCullough for the ever popular beer. It is ranked second largest company in Canada and fifth brewer around the globe. John also built Lower Canada first distillery. The Canadian government made a John Molson stamp in honor of his contributions. He was born in Britain and even though he had money he could not do whatever he wants. After the death of Molson senior, his grandfather was given his custody and his inheritance was given away. Molson Brendon McCullough was a representative in the legal assembly. He created Lawrence steamship company.

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