Does Buying Instagram Likes Work?

If you think the content on your Instagram is good, however, can you imagine how much better it would sound if over 10,000 likes the post in agreement? It is a good feeling to know you have thousands of likes on an Instagram post whether is just to become famous or create a brand’s awareness. At a small fee nowadays people are buying likes. It is really as cheap as it sounds, then everyone would be buying likes.

There are services that are cheap and allowing people to buy a thousand likes for only ten dollars. When buying Instagram likes remember you are paying for numbers, and a lot of these likes are inactive accounts or bots meaning they will not engage you on your posts. If you want 1000 or 500 likes on a single Instagram post, you pay ten dollars and six bucks respectively according to a Google statistic.

Further to directly buy followers is you can also pay for services that will also follow accounts for you on your specifications like gender, location, account type, and hash tag usage. This makes you follow the accounts that follow you. This way you may actually be dealing with actual active accounts. The fact that you are not too sure whether the accounts that you follow will follow you back makes it a risky business. The moment other users notice that you do not have commensurate posts to your likes they will cease following you, meaning that if you have ten thousand like with only for posts it will take such a short time and people will know to realize is not right.

I’m sure you will agree that buying likes is not helpful in the long run. They will not be loyal when following you, it will be short-lived, and that makes their real definition of fake followers. Real account holders following you may not trust you at all in case they notice that you are using fake followers and this makes the investment a risky one. The bought followers will not be seen on your explore pages, or news feeds. Your accounts performance will be sapped even if these fake followers provide engagement on your account and this makes it very hard to measure an accounts metrics.

Instagram’s fake followers have no long term content value to add to your profile. Yes they will give you likes and comments to acquire them as your follower however the attention they will throw will not be reflective later when you start reporting in your accounts performance because your posts are only hidden from your real account followers.

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