Fashionable Window Treatments for a Classy Home

Window treatments are not new on the market because they have been there for decades, but their unique modern designs will make you want more and more of them. Manufacturers customized window treatments according to the specifications of their customers if they want to custom made ones. Some of the trendy window treatments that suit a classy home are discussed below.

Grasses, reeds, and bamboo are some of the materials that are used to make woven wood shades. They add a striking casual and natural effect in the room. Add liners for privacy and a fabric trim to customize the woven wood shades to your preference.

When you need window treatments that will regulate the light that comes into the room optimally and offer you maximum privacy, choose the panel track blinds. They suit sliding glass doors or large windows.

Sheer shades are classic and popular window treatments that are made of two sheer fabric facings over some soft fabric vanes. You get a protected view outside through the vanes because when you open the vanes, the right amount of light that you need sets into the room. The room will have darkening styles of the sheer shades when they are close because they completely block light from getting into the room.

Roller shades are among the most affordable window treatments. Roll them up a tube neatly to have that amazing discreet and minimal appearance. Do not use the blackout and light filtering option of these shades to choose the amount of light that you need to get into the room.

Manufacturers use a single piece of fabric and create pleats in it to make the pleated shades. The house will have a casual semi sheer appearance when you have pleated shades on the windows for they look like slat. The pleats collapse and stack neatly when the shades are raised. These pleated shades allow enough light into the room.

Cellular shades are energy-efficient window treatments, or they have high-quality insulation materials. Their honeycomb cells that trap air between the room and the window to maintain the warmth in the house in winter and cold in warm seasons.

Roman shades are a continuous piece of fabric that is decorated with horizontal folds that run down the length of the shades. When you raise the folds they make a magnificent fabric drapery appearance, but when they are lowered they get flat on the windows.

Solar shades or “window sunglasses” have an opaque design that allows enough light into the house. Your view outside through the solar shades or “window sunglasses” is preserved for they are opaque. The best solar shades have a higher openness range (most of them have openness range of between 3-14 percent) to protect your view and allow more light into the room.

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