Weird Whiskey Facts You Never Knew

We are going to kick off by knowing the oldest brand of Whiskey which is Glenavon special liqueur whiskey. From the first time it was manufactured, it is around 160 years old. It was manufactured in Scotland. This blog says it was known as whisky and not whiskey and it carried a unique history and the reasoning behind it is different. You will find that in the American versions, the missing letter is available, but it is absent in the Irish versions as shown by this blog.

Whiskey was first made in Alabama, and it was during the prohibition period thus it was made illegally. The more aged moonshine and of higher quality was the first whiskey to be produced. This blog also states that people who had a condition that needs Whiskey prescription could still take the prohibited drink. This is what gave a massive boost to those selling Whiskey during those years. This is why we can say without fear that Whiskey has very many health benefits to the body of human beings.

There were many experiments that Whiskey was passed through that established that it has very many health benefits as explained in this blog. Whiskey has a high positive effect on those who suffer from stress, memory, immunity, cancer and diabetes. This blog suggests that it should be taken care to avoid the severe drinking problems. As a result of the said health benefits to the body it is known as the water of life by the Gaelic people.

It is said that even the angels take a portion of whiskey from each barrel. This blog says that they tend to drink the little that evaporates on a yearly basis from the barrels and casks. In this blog you will read that the best way to store your whiskey is by using a glass bottle. You can be able to store the whiskey forever if you close the bottle well and away from any direct sun. Whiskey is also highly adaptable as suggested by this blog.

This means that to make Whiskey you can use any grain you wish and it should not necessarily be barley. This blog also guides you on how to drink your Whiskey for the best flavors and aromas. You are advised to ask for the whiskey before any ice cube is added. By this you will be able to take deep inhales so that you can enjoy the aroma of the whiskey you have ordered. To ensure that you get the best flavor, you should keep the first sip in the mouth for some time to ensure that it soaks in every edge of your mouth.