Preventing Childhood Obesity

Obesity among children is one of the diseases that is growing at an alarming rate. An overweight child is very likely to have some other health problems as well. The American Academy of Pediatrics is saying that there is a high likelihood for an overweight child to become an overweight grown-up. Our local communities together with national organizations must educate and help prevent impending health issues as a result of obesity from happening.

Health disorders, such as Diabetes and Hypertension, can be directly associated to Obesity. A child suffering from Hypothyroidism or Asthma is very likely to become overweight as well. When the thyroid gland of a child is not correctly functioning, then his/her entire body functioning is going to be reduced. A respiratory issue can likewise reduce the body’s proper functioning, causing difficulty in breathing to children and making them move sluggishly. Children, who are too exhausted to exercise or else complete their activities every day, are likely to gain weight. It is possible that an overweight child may already be suffering with or will be suffering from these health issues at a later date.

Children with active lifestyles will continue to be physically healthy and will stay healthy as grownups. Doctors recommend people to get into 30-minutes, at least, of uninterrupted cardiovascular exercises every day. This includes young children who actually dedicate most of their day facing a computer screen or playing video games. Everyday exercise does not simply keep a child healthy, but it also stimulates his/her immune system to fight infections along with other ailments that can create problems for the body. Urge your children to participate in swimming, jogging, playing tennis or any other sports activity that can increase their metabolism and as a result they are able to burn calories and lose weight in the process.

Correct eating habits is also essential in preventing childhood Obesity and keeps them from becoming overweight adults later on. Everyone needs to eat the correct food servings daily out of the five essential food groups and avoid using grease and oil when cooking their meals. Eating the exact portion amounts will lower excessive intake of calories and it makes you responsible for your food consumption from every food group. It’s best if you make use of natural seasonings like onions, bell peppers, and garlic in order not to add extra salt to your diet.

With the right education along with motivation, we can beat childhood Obesity. Parents are supposed to take the children to their pediatrician as well to have their regular examinations in order to monitor their health. This will help reduce the percentage of adult obesity, therefore lowering the total cost they spend for medical care in addition to raising their life value. We can change our children’s future by altering their exercise as well as eating habits now.