Know the Different Areas that Special Physical Therapy Services Can Offer

All the different parts of our body can be covered with the various physical therapy services. Patients who would like to recover from surgeries or injuries, and athletes who would like to regain a full range of motion and strength, can benefit from the help of physical therapists, the professionals who are performing physical therapy. Be informed that in order for pain to be reduced and for range of motion to be improved, you have to know the various conditions that need special therapy services, from complex lymphedema treatment to balance and vestibular rehabilitation and custom orthotics. So that, when you look for treatment of these rare or special conditions, you can make sure that the physical therapist you are seeing has the clinic and experience to treat your special condition.

It is a fact that around 40% of people ageing forty and above, have experienced loss of balance and dizziness, which could be related to balance disorders and vertigo. The elderly has more of the possibilities therefore to have serious injuries and fatalities because of these situations. In order to help patients manage their symptoms of dizziness and balance issues, a physical therapist that is trained in balance and vestibular rehabilitation should be reached out, because they will use a variety of techniques to help their patients.

After your surgery and healing of injuries, you can find some physical therapists who can also provide special therapy services when you are on your post physical therapy treatment. In order for the physical therapist to be able to evaluate the problem of the patient properly, he or she will have to take an accurate and detailed history about the patient. The physical therapists will perform tests on their patients in a meticulous manner so that they can properly evaluate the problem, and among these tests are coordination tests, joint motion, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, sensory and neurological tests, palpation, postural screening, movement analysis, and other specific tests fit for certain problems. The best treatment plan will be formulated by the physical therapist once the evaluation of the test results are done, and it will be for the betterment of the patient in recovering and attaining the goal of overcoming his or her present dysfunction.

Included in the physical therapy services are teaching patients how to operate devices that are designed to assist their mobility, such as wheelchairs, crutches and other equipment that will be used at home, thus making their patients as independent as possibl. Further, the therapist will take a look at the environment of the patient and will give advice as to the best, safest and most convenient manner of adjusting to the surrounding with the new physical condition.

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