Ways on How to Make Money as an Author

Storytelling has been an integral part of human civilization. Stories have been shared from generation to generation. Marketing and advertising originated from the storytelling concept. Also, if you cherish recounting stories, then you may dream of becoming a full-time author. But, where do you begin? The cliche of the poverty-stricken author isn’t excessively withdrawn from the real world. The writing industry is full of challenges ranging from disinterested publishers, critical notes from various editors, strict timeliness, and a competitive environment. But, bringing home the bacon with your writing is more practical than you may suspect. To make it in the writing industry does not require many sacrifices as many people think. This report examines the various tips an individual can use to ensure they make it in the writing industry as an author.

The first tip you need to use for you to have a successful career in writing as an author is to start with a blog. Writing a book is a vast undertaking. The conventional novel is about eighty thousand words. Regardless of whether you already have the whole story mapped out in your mind, that would take the average person around thirty-four hours of constant typing to finish. You need to ask yourself if you are ready to spend thirty-four hours typing. Many authors would not prefer to type thirty-four hours constantly. When writing a book, you need time to go workshops and also to fix your work after writing. After you have finished writing who are you going to sell the novels too? Building a reader base starting with no outside help is diligent work. One of the best methods of building a readership base is by starting with a blog. A blog can also be a good source of getting income for an amateur writer. Blog entries are not even close up to a novel, which makes them simpler to compose and more straightforward to read. Many people like to read a single blog post than reading a whole a book. After you have created your market, you can use the blog to sell your books. In fact many blogs have generated many sales for authors.

The second strategy you can use to have a successful career in writing is by going digital. It is only in the past where it was a must that you get a publisher to publish your books for you to be able of selling a few copies. However since the establishment of the digital age, ebooks have immensely popular. Also though there are lagging sales of ebooks, many people are still using the tablets and mobile phones to read digital books.