3 Unexpected Expenses You'll Have When Buying a Home

It’s hard to fathom how much owning property can change a person’s life.  Unfortunately, that life change isn’t cheap, and with it comes a lot of fees and costs that many first time buyers overlook.  If you’re buying a new house and want to be sure you’re budgeting well- keep these charges in mind.


You’d hope that it would be easier to accept money from a lender.  The last thing a lot of people expect is for the lender to charge a fee for potential home buyers to even apply for a loan.  Although not all loan sources charge this, you should keep an eye out for them. Sometimes it’s the best service, and you have to overlook this fee to get what you want.

There’s also a loan fee, which you pay to be able to borrow the money.

Most fees get included, and sometimes buried,...