How to Identify A Bible Believing Church

These days, there are so many open churches and denominations. There are also different kinds of doctrines which are taught in these churches. It is therefore not easy to find a Bible-believing church. When looking for a good church, a full parking lot is not one of the signs to look for. You should also not look at the list of the activities in the church, or how beautiful it is from the outside. You should not make the mistake of finding a church by its outside appearance these days. It is also not a must to receive Bible-based teachings by attending a mega church.

Clear and short is how the Bible-based teachings should be. They should also be descriptive and easy to understand. Expository preaching is the kind that sheds light on a particular verse in the scriptures. It also makes the poem easy to understand without necessarily complicating it. The work of a pastor is to provide explicit comments on the poems. Giving a precise meaning to what the original author was intending is what this means. This explanation should too not be complicated to understand. It should also explain as to why and for reasons a specific verse was written, the background of the church and even the culture of the time.

The most important part of a gospel message is one that comes straight from the Word of God. Therefore, if the news they are teaching in your church is not from the Word of God then it could be a wrong one. The Word of God is meant to both afflict the comfortable and also give comfort to the afflicted. It is very common to hear about wealth, and the prosperity gospel in many churches of these days. That is not the kind of church for you to become a member. The Word of God is meant for convicting and convincing and not to advise you on how to live wealthier.

Therefore, you can tell that a certain church is Bible-believing if they remain in the scriptures. Your choice of the church should not be the kind where the Old Testament is regarded as irrelevant. When a specific church is Bible-based, even the young children should be taught the word of God. Bible studies are also necessary, and therefore the church you choose should have them. It should also be among the churches where members are advised by their pastor to read the Bible not just on Sunday but also throughout the week. And finally, a Bible-based church is the one that reaches out to the community.

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