Custom Swim Caps

Keeping the hair dry while swimming is the general purpose why wear a swim cap. On the other hand, this isn’t the sole reason to why you should wear one while you swim. The cap protects the hair too from chlorine that’s used in the pool, keep your head warm when swimming either in a cold weather or open water and also, it keeps your hair off of your face which can give you a better view as you are swimming.

These caps can also be used to keep swimmers visible and eliminating any risks of bumping to other objects in the water and to other surfers. Swim caps can be manufactured using different materials and they could vary in durability and comfort levels. With a custom option available, it gives you freedom of selecting materials that your cap will be made.

Latex and rubber – as for these caps, they’re quite durable and the perfect choice for those who do competitive swimming. It is due to the reason that they’re tight enough to give speed advantage. In addition to that, this is providing an easy time to apply writing by using permanent marker or a logo that will make the cap unique. However, it can be a bit difficult to remove from your head once it is on.

Silicone – these materials are quite popular and currently making a nice alternative for individuals who have allergic reaction to latex. They are a bit expensive but they are available in different colors. They’re flexible enough in wearing and removing swift for swimmers.

Lycra – compared to latex and silicone, this material is quite comfortable and very durable too. The thing is, it is not totally waterproof and also has a tendency to slip.

When going for a custom swim cap, you must make sure to choose the right fit for you and the shape you find that’s suitable. You can go for the size and style that matches the need of your hair. You will see some bubbly caps to be ideal for your long hair but you can also buy other shapes and styles as well which depend on what you feel is suitable.

In an effort to enhance visibility, most regular and custom swim caps are using bright colors. If you go for customized caps, you may put the notch a bit higher to have space for printed with images, messages or logo. Practically, you can do anything you want on the printed cap to make it unique and stand out. Nothing is greater than wearing something that sets you apart and this is the reason why more and more swimmers prefer custom swim caps.

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