Essential Signs that You Have a Stalker

First of all, it is normal to feel like someone is watching you since anybody is capable of that. But one thing that you have to know is that people have different personalities and at some point, you might not know who is stalking you or not. In this article, we are going to look at some of the points that will help you learn more info about who is a stalker.

One of the things that you should look out for is intense staring. You find that when you find a person staring at you, it should not be a big deal because it is something obvious. Anyway it is a bad sign when you catch a person staring at you intensely. Such people will never take off their eyes even if you try to avoid them. In this case, you will not have to look to know they are still staring at you and you will feel as if they are burning a hole right through you. As a result, you will begin to feel and comfortable and bothered of what they are thinking of you.

Also, they may also appear at work or in your neighborhood. It is essential to note that a stalker will not have to know you personally to find out where you work. Like when you notice a person staring at you in the waiting room it can mean that they followed you after you left. Besides, they can also show up in your favorite coffee shop or where you usually take lunch. You should understand that seeing the person again is not a coincidence and they might be following you.

Apart from that, they can also use social media to stalk you. You find that the world has grown to be digital and with a large number of social media users it can be easy to stalk someone, and it is also dangerous. One thing with social media stalking is that they might already know you or they want to know you more. You find that they can also make you believe that they know you, your friends or family members so that they can gain your trust. From that, they will be sending you messages all the time as they try to seek for your attention.

Besides, they will always try to be heroes. One thing with them is that they will always appear when you have problems and help you out. I can say that there is nothing coincidental when you suddenly experience a flat tire while driving and the person that you always run into shows up with a spare tire.

Besides, they can also go to extremes for interaction. This happens typically when you are not giving them the attention that they need. For instance, they can threaten to commit suicide so that you can intervene and in the process, they can talk to you.