A Guide on How to Buy Cannabis in California Today
There is no way one can complete the history of cannabis and its legalization without mentioning an American state known as California considering that it was the very first to legalize the same way back in 1996 for medical purposes before proceeding to legalize it for recreational use years later. Legalizing of weed for pleasure in California was only done after the people living in the state voted in agreement of the proposition that agreed with such uses of cannabis after the medical one done in 1996. Reading through this article is the best way of enlightening oneself with everything that one needs to know, understand and do before proceeding to make a cannabis purchase to ensure that they do not end up breaking the law in the long run.

Just like anyone would expect, there is a legal age when it comes to the purchase and use of weed in California and it is 21 years of age. It is thus illegal for anyone below the age to either buy or vape weed as well as to smoke or eat anything containing the same. The people above the legal age are not allowed by the law to enable minors to access weed even if it is on private property.

The amount of marijuana that one has in possession at a time is also a great matter of concern in California. Legalizing the use of weed does not mean that people buy as much as they want and in the process of preventing people from stocking up on it, the state restricts the amount the one can have in their possession. It is vital to understand that anyone buying marijuana in California can only possess about 1 ounce at a time and nothing more. For those that prefer conc marijuana, the legal amount that they can have in their possession is nothing more than 8g if they do not want to be against the law.

It is also illegal to use marijuana in public places and one must think twice before smoking or consuming a marijuana product in a public place which includes sidewalks, parks and out in the open residential as well as commercial areas. It is not just the bar or restaurant that one cannot use their marijuana but also any federal land and break so means that one is going against the law which is something no one wants to risk. It is also not right to use marijuana on al the private properties in California and one is also not allowed to leave the state with it or also drive after usage in addition to being cautious about where they buy the product.

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