Types of Welding Services in Industrial Fabrication

Both industry and manufacturing serve as the society’s foundation. It allows us to have high quality living and holds promising future. However, the manufacturing as well as industrial sectors will not come in existence without structures, equipment as well as resources made by industrial fabrication and for that, industrial fabrication would not be available without welding.

Let’s check at the way welding plays a vital part in industrial fabrication and learn the different welding services used.

SMAW – it stands for Shielded Metal Arc Welding or sometimes called as stick welding. The stick here isn’t literally a stick rather, electrode coated in protectant flux. Electrode holder is holding the stick in place and then, an electric arc is achieved by using either alternating or direct current. In return, this causes the electrode to melt slowly while melting the metals that has to be joined.

Apart from that, the flux coating releases gas vapor and the slag forms a protected environment which act as shield to the welded area from any type of contamination.

GTAW – this is referred as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and like the name suggests, it is using tungsten electrode to be able to produce weld. If you’re going to compare SMAW welding, the electrode is not consumed in the welding process. What it does instead is, it is protecting the welded area from any kind of atmospheric contamination by inert gas which is usually Helium gas or Argon.

GMAW – this is also called as Gas Metal Arc Welding which utilizes consumable wire electrode that is fed through welding gun. Inert shielding gas like Argon or perhaps, mixture of carbon dioxide and argon is sprayed over the welding puddle to be able to protect it from contamination.

MIG welding become the most common method of welding in various industrial settings due to its relative ease and versatility. However, if you are going to use it in an area with high air volatility or any outdoor setting, then you may not be able to see its fullest potential.

FCAW – Flux Cored Arc Welding or FCAW has strong resemblance with MIG welding but, it features using special tubular wire that’s filled with flux. Well, the flux might be enough by itself in protecting the welding puddle from contamination or shielding gas might be used which depends on the filter material as well as other circumstances.

SAW – it means Submerged Arc Welding and uses consumable electrode that’s automatically fed. This makes use of characteristic blanket of granular fusible flux that contains varieties of compounds including lime, silica, calcium fluoride as well as manganese oxide. In order to protect the welding area, the combination is totally submerged.

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